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Company Profile

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ASA Tools Enterprise Co. Ltd., engages in R&D, manufacturing industrial-level precision electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers equipped for the production line, and the relevant peripheral products for management, automation and digitization.

Based on our mission statement of honesty, enthusiasm and innovation, the image and quality of our products are continuously improved. Our products have obtained more than 50 kinds of patents in more than 20 countries. Under the company's policy of setting foothold in Taiwan, conquering Asia & Pacific and setting eyes on the world, we are able to expand the market and make continual good business progress. To provide customers with hiqh quality products, all staff participates in sustaining the continuing improvement.

ASA Tools Enterprise Co., Ltd. won the National Gold Awards of Excellence in 2000.

The making of the award has the following background. Recognitions and Honors
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Export, Manufacture
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Main Products :
1. Transducerized Smart Servo Screwdriver ( with controller)
2. Full-auto Shut Off Electric Screwdrivers
3. Semi-auto Shut Off Electric Screwdrivers
4. T Series Full-auto Shut Off Pneumatic Screwdrivers
5. Digitalized Management System for Bolt Tightening
6. Digital Torque Meter
7. Tool Support Systems
8. Multiple Spindles Automatic Screwdriver Machine
9. Mag-O-Nets
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Electric Screwdriver Manufacturer

ASA Tools Enterprise Corp. is a reliable manufacturer of Screwdriver and Torque Meter.  As one of the leading suppliers of Electric Screwdrivers, we provide Digital Torque Meters, Screwdriver Accessories, Adjustable Screw Feeder, Electric Screwdrivers Attachment and Controllers with durable quality and competitive price.  In addition, our main products also include Support Clamping Systems, Digitalized Management Systems, High-Precision Torque Meter, etc.  If you are looking for Screwdrivers Set and Power Supplies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product: