Adjustable Screw Feeder

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Product Specifications /Features :
The machine is applicable to screws of various specifications (M1.0 - M5.0). Fast and stable feeding can be realized just by making a simple adjustment to rails,which greatly reduces purchase cost. The machine is easy and convenient to use and it is worthy having.
  • The design of separate rails makes it possible to draw out the rails to make adjustment freely,making it easy to operate.
  • The patent design makes feeding fast and stable without screws being seized up.
  • The feeding speed and charging speed of the machine can be adjusted freely according to the various operation requirements.
  • The machine is in common use for special 1:1 short screws and screws with washers.
  • Small size,occupying little space;and it is easy to move.
  • The drives of feeding and shaking are controlled independently. Ideal time- lag shutdown time can be set freely. The machine can start the failure alarming function in case of abnormal conditions.

Primary Competitive Advantages :
Well and High Quality Control
Sales Method :
Export, Manufacture